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GTP ByPass


Categories: Tanks

General Treatment Products produces an array of quality ByBass Feeders with options such as wide mouth/quick turn openings, fill funnels, valve packages, and more. Quick Shipments.

Marquardt Building

Marquardt Building

Maine Government Building
Augusta, Maine

Categories: Hydronic Heating

Products Supplied: Zehnder Rittling:
(4) Cabinet Unit Heaters
(13) Convectors
(2) Unit Heaters

Unit Heater
Panel Radiator

Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building

Federal Government Building
Bangor, Maine

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Products Supplied: (list of products here)

HW Pumps
Pumps, HX, & UH

Falmouth Middle School

Public School
Falmouth, Maine

Categories: Air Separators, Flow Control, Heat Exchangers, Hydronic Heating, Pump Accessories, Pumps, Tanks

Products Supplied: (16) Patterson & AMT pumps
8" Thrush Aar-O-Vent
(4) 132 Gallon Expansion Tanks NLA-600
Plate & Frame HX
Over 500' Baseboard Heating
CUH, UH, Convectors

Southern Maine Community College

Brunswick, Maine

Categories: Air Separators, Flow Control, Hydronic Heating, Pump Accessories, Pumps, Tanks

Products Supplied: Wall & Pedestal Base Board, 500'+
Nexus AutoFlow Valve Coil Paks A2Y
Coil Pak Hoses
(4) Patterson Inline Pumps
Wessels Tank

Stock House

Commercial Building
Westbrook, ME

Categories: Evaporative Cooling

Products Supplied: BAC FXV Fluid Cooler

Ice Thermal Storage

Maine General Hospital

Augusta, ME

Categories: Evaporative Cooling

Products Supplied: BAC 3000 Series Cooling Towers
BAC Ice Thermal Storage

Press Hotel

Portland, ME

Categories: Evaporative Cooling

Renovation of the Portland Press building to the Press Hotel.

Products Supplied: (2) BAC FXT-175

Baltimore Aircoil FXT
Patterson VIL Inline Pump

Town of Scarborough

Scarborough, ME

Categories: Evaporative Cooling, Flow Control, Instrumentation, Pumps

Products Supplied: BAC FXT-74 Cooling Tower with Baltibond
Patterson Inline Pump
Miljoco Gauges and Thermometers
Nexus 4" MBF multi-turn balance valves

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