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Evaporative Cooling

Heat Exchangers

Hydronic Heating

  • Zehnder Rittling

    Cabinet Unit Heaters, Convectors, Fan Coil Units, Fin Tube, Heat Pumps, Panel Radiator, Radiant Ceiling Panels, Unit Heaters

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Pump Accessories

  • American Wheatley

    Flex Connector, Suction Diffuser, Triple-Duty Valve

    Bladder, Diaphram

    Air Scoop, Air Vent, Tangential

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  • Nexus Valve

    Balance Valves, Y-Strainers

    Coil Kits, Hose Kits, Manual and Automatic Flow Control Valves, PICV, Unions, Y-Strainers

    Flow Meters

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Pump Systems


  • Patterson Pumps

    End Suction, In-Line, Split Case

    Flex Connector, Suction Diffuser, Triple-Duty Valve

    Bladder, Diaphram


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  • Thrush Pumps

    Circulators, End Suction, In-Line

    Flex Connector, Suction Diffuser, Triple-Duty Valve

    Booster Pump Systems

    Air Vent, Hydronic Separator, Microbubble Air and Dirt

    Semi-Instantanious Hot Water Heater, Shell & Tube, Tank Heater, Tube Bundle

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  • The John Wood Company

    Bladder, Buffer, Custom, Diaphram, Flash


Thermal & Seismic Expansion Joints

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Thrush Pumps

Microbubble Air & Dirt Separator
Molly Ockett School, Fryeburg, ME

BAC Direct Drive Fan Motor

Endura Drive from BAC

Baltimore Aircoil Company - BAC

BAC now offers the Endura direct drive fan system increasing energy savings by 10% and reducing maintenance costs by 90%. This option is available for new units and as a retrofit kit for existing towers.

Endura Fan Option

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